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Lash Glue BOND, Glue Speed Accelerant/ Booster- Apply on lashes after extension【with Vitamin B3 & B5】Restore+Strengthen+Anti-loss

Lash Glue BOND, Glue Speed Accelerant/ Booster- Apply on lashes after extension【with Vitamin B3 & B5】Restore+Strengthen+Anti-loss

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High Quality Lash Extension Booster/ lash Bond /Lash Glue Accelerator Wholesale price supplier, super gentle lash glue booster. the best quality lash care products manufacturer Private Label Supplier near me in Australia Europe,  best brand lash company offer BOND private label


Please read Return & Refund & Shipping Policy before you place order . Placing an order is deemed to agree to and accept all our return and refund and shipping terms and policies.

This is an Oil-free and Alcohol-free formula lash Bond, help glue dry out faster.

We cooperate with BIG international ingredients suppliers, to provide the best quality products.

Key ingredients:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 3%,  ingredients from the famous manufacturer Lonza , a famous skincare ingredients manufacturer in Swiss, Europe, founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, today , Lonza operates across five continents. One of the most famous manufacturer for all laxury skincare brands.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) 3%, ingredients from the famous manufacturer BASF , a famous skincare ingredients manufacturer founded in Germany, Europe.  One of the most famous manufacturer for all laxury skincare brands.


High-quality raw materials for high-quality finished products. The raw materials we use are superior to most eyelash suppliers in terms of purity and quality. We use the high level technology and raw materials used to make high-end skin care products to create eyelash care products. Our costs are higher than most eyelash suppliers, but our prices are really lower than most suppliers, because we are real wholesaler , we produce more than 10K bottles at one time. Our large scale allows us to control our average production costs, management costs, and raw material costs at a lower level.

We are committed to finding the best ingredients to make the highest quality products and offer low wholesale prices.

The benefits of skin care products don’t come from pretty bottles, catchy names, or advertising. The effect of skin care products comes from the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients, the concentration of ingredients. However, luxury brands do not disclose this data, but we must disclose it. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE !!!

Available colors of bottles for private labeling . Below shows the original bottles without label , you can print your own logo sticker and put it on the bottle


What's the difference between Lash Primer and Lash Glue Primer/Aid and  Glue BOND /Boost/Accelerant

  • Lash Primer for applying on real lashes , remove dirt, dissolving any natural oil or makeup residue on natural lashes

  • Primer is NOT a replacement for a lash cleanser. 


  • Lash Glue Aid/ Glue Primer Is a surface treatment agent, for applying on faux lashes, dissolving glue and oil  that the faux eyelashes encounter during the production process. it CAN NOT apply on real eyelashes or skin. The trace amount of active ingredients contained in it can help the glue dry faster.

  • Lash Glue Boost/Accelerant  Is for applying after lash extension. It accelerate glue dries out instantly, maximize retention. You can rinse your eyelashes with water after 1 hour using the accelerator. You don’t need to wait 24 hours before you can wash your face.

  • Glue Debonder /Remover Liquid or Gel Is for removing the glue stains on tweezers or any other surface, it works for any kind of glue.

How does Lash Primer work?

We all know that a good bond on lashes is KEY to longer-lasting lash extension.

Lash primer helps in achieving a faster attachment time by dissolving any natural oil or makeup residue on natural lashes, as well as balancing the pH level of natural lashes, resulting in a secure bond between the extensions and the natural lashes, and, ultimately, longer retention.


  • This product is for professional use only
  • NOT for self-application and eyes must be closed all the time
  • Don’t spray on or use around broken skin
  • Primer is NOT a replacement for a lash cleanser. Use in conjunction with  Lash Foam for the satisfying results


Opened or used product is not qualify for return or refund .

About Lash Primer

  • Lash primer for eyelash extensions dissolves any oil and makeup residue on natural lashes, resulting in a maximum bond between the extension lashes and natural lashes
  • When Lash primer is applied, natural lashes are freed of oil and dirt. The clean natural lashes allow immediate attachment of the lash extensions. No slipping off or twisting. Faster lashing time, perfect placement, and long retention guarantee happy clients
  • Enriched with allantion, a cell rejuvenating herbal extract.
  • YL lashes, supplier for many famous brands. Lash Primer can be found in the eyelash extension kit of most reputable lash studios in many countries
  • Our premium eyelash extension supplies are produced with highest quality ingredients that have been tested by lash artists. If for any reason we fall short of your expectations, simply contact us, and we will solve your problem

Remove dirt and oil from natural lashes

Our natural lashes are coated with protective oil, however, if this thin film of oil combined with makeup and dirt, it could compromise adhesion and dramatically shorten the lash retention. Lash Primers can remove this dirt barrier to ensure good contact between natural and extension lashes.

Long-lasting lashes = happy clients

Start every full set and fill with Lash Primer. Our lash primer is highly effective at removing the layer of dirt, dust, oil, and makeup residue on the natural lashes, meaning that your clients will have the longest retention!

Prime to perfection for your lash artistry

Clean base lashes are the best canvas to work on. On primed natural lashes, you’ll feel that instant attachment of the extension lashes. No twisting or slipping off of lashes! Prepped and primed to perfection, they are a perfect canvas to unleash your artistry.

What precautions should be taken while using lash glue booster?

When we talk about the Lash glue booster/ bonder / glue speed accelerant, the advantage is that this is a great lash glue booster of advanced quality, the amount of sulphate is found in very less, due to which it will never allow the moisture to be removed from your extensions or you can also say That it does not allow the binding of your extension to loosen. The special feature of good lash glue booster/ bonder / glue speed accelerant, is that they are specially formulated to gently remove dirt, residue and makeup from the eyelashes. You can see the change in the health of your eyelashes yourself by using it at least once every day. Available in Market Eyelash Extension Shampoo / Extra Gentle / Lash & Eyelid Foaming Cleanser Wholesale Suppliers, using the luxury amino acid formula; you should always ensure that it is well out of reach of your children. If it is causing any kind of irritation or redness in your eyes, then you should wash the eyes thoroughly with clean water for some time without delay. even if you feel a little discomfort then you contact a doctor. While storing, make sure that it is stored in a cool dry place away from children. You should never put it in direct sunlight. Also, keep in mind that when you are not using it, then keep the utensils closed.

Some features of the Lash Glue Accelerator?

Lash Glue Accelerator It is a multifunctional product for you to use when you do lash extensions. This booster not only speeds up the lashes, but also enhances their retention ability, providing instant treatment to the clients. If you want to do your business in this field, then you have to use it after taking expert opinion for this. You can use the booster with a micro brush on natural lashes after cleanser and primer. Very good quality products can be provided to you by high quality Lash Extension Booster / Bond / Lash Glue Accelerator Wholesale Manufacturer Private Label Supplier. Superhero 0.5-1 sec Fast Drying - Extra Strong - Long Retention 8 Weeks Eyelash Extension Glue / Adhesive for Low to Medium Humidity Product information you can find on our website.

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